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Postman Sync

Postman Sync

Version required: 2023.2.3

Api key

API key is used to perform manual actions using the Postman Online API. These actions include creating collections, creating directories, creating requests, and more.

Open in new window and login, and then generate an API key. It is recommended to create an API key without an expiration date.



The Workspace ID is the identifier for a Postman workspace. There are 2 strategies to create a workspace.

  1. Create one workspace for each project.(Recommended)
  2. Create one workspace to represent a company, and use different collections to represent different projects within the company.

Get WorkspaceId using the following steps↓↓↓

  1. Create a workspace (Ignore if exist)


  1. Click Workspace and click the Workspace info icon (Note that it is not click "Workspace Settings")


  1. Copy Workspace id


Initial value & Current value

Variable in Environment contains Initial value and Current value,Initial value is shared with your team,but Current value only store in your local. Request will finally use Current value.

Restful Fast Request in fact sync the Initial value of Environment.

So, if the environment values are updated in the plugin and sync successfully to Postman, when executing a request, Postman will not immediately use the synchronized values. Instead, you will need to manually replace the values in the environment tab or perform a complete replacement by clicking on "Reset All".


Pre and Post script

Due to language differences, the plugin does not synchronize pre-request and post-request scripts. Therefore, when using the plugin, it is recommended to write common scripts in the project-level config. This way, after synchronizing with Postman, you only need to write pre-request and post-request scripts at the collection level in Postman.