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Click to install

Online install

Search Restful Fast Request in idea plugin marketplace


Offline install

Applicable to intranet use or trial version usage

a. Go to in new window and download zip file

b. Go to setting -> plugins -> Install plugin from disk

c. Select the downloaded zip file and restart (Be careful not to unzip the zip file)



IDEA version required 2021.2+

The EAP version is a pre-release and may be relatively unstable, but many users will want to try out some advanced features in advance. So you can try it out.

To install the EAP version, you need to download the corresponding EAP package. Please refer to Offline install and ignore the first step.

Download eap packageopen in new window


When using EAP versions, it is essential to note that upgrading from a lower version to a higher version of EAP will not cause any problems, but when downgrading from a higher version to a lower stable version, some data generated by the new features in the EAP version may be lost.

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